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  • Introducing Gaps (beta)

    A feature called gaps has been released today. It helps you identify and track long gaps between trains on the Tube in real time. You can use it to skip long gaps between trains (or gain peace of mind that there are none). It’s currently in beta on the web version of the service only. See below for a tour of the new features.

  • True Tube Status is now on Android

    You can now download the Android version of True Tube Status on the Google Play store.

  • A solution to 'signalling failures' on the London Tube

    After the chaos on the Tube last night (due to multiple “signalling systems failures”), I did extensive research on the subject (OK, I just read this one blog post) and stayed up late designing the following foolproof solution. Rather than filing a top secret patent, I decided to publish it here. You’re welcome!